A great potential but not sure how to tap into it

Alright, for once, I’ll do things differently: I’ll come to you for help.

As mentioned before, there is a great tool called job recovery. Very simply, when a batch of feeders fails, you can re-run the batch of feeders on the failed sub-set and again and again, till effectively you narrow it down to 1 trade or 1 group of trades.

This is a massive improvement over the good old, deal scan watching + narrowing it down by filtering more and more.

I found that usually it takes about 7-8 iterations to get to the guilty trades with the first ones taking quite some time but the later ones running in a couple of minutes or so.

What I don’t like about the tool is that it is manual. I need to watch over it for when the recovery tried and failed to re-run it again and again, till I get to the deal number and then can filter it out (if I don’t have time to investigate it further).

So I am trying to solve as to how to automate it. There is no processing script for it, so you’re stuck with XML macros if you want to re-run it again. On top that, you usually click on the job id which is a number that gets incremented everytime. So it would mean a mix of SQL and scripting to produce the right XML macros. And you probably how much I don’t like XML macros so definitely not the best option for me there.

But maybe there is another solution (or something else is coming?) which would make this a breeze. I’ve asked around but never had any answer. My feeling is that it is a tool with great potential but could do with few extras and turn it into gold.

Back to my original request: if anyone found a better way to leverage this to the maximum, I’d be very keen to know how to do it!