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Murex Easter eggs

Murex Easter eggs? Here’s one question that comes back from time to time and as it is chocolate season this weekend, So before you start punishing your liver with all the cocoa you can get your hands on, have a read!

Murex Easter eggs – Definition and Considerations

So for whoever never heard of Easter eggs in a software, they’re tiny features (or often games) which are hidden and can be triggered by a specific series of keystrokes or clicks. For instance, if you are using chrome, when internet is disconnected you get the pic of a dinosaur. Press space bar then and the dinosaur starts running across the desert.

Alright, so to the question: are there Easters in Murex? The answer is I don’t know. So far I haven’t seen any actual ones (but I’ve got more things to share or this post would be incredibly short!) but I’m curious if there are any. One one side, Murex is a software used to trade and supports critical services. So I’m not sure customers would really appreciate that some of the development time and code is used for coding Easter eggs. Especially if you get a bug/regression because of a Doom-like game hidden in the software. On the other hand, you have developers spending days and nights on their keyboards writing lines after lines of codes, one could assume that among all these developers, one would sneak in something funny just to release some pressure.

So if you know of actual Easter eggs, please share otherwise I’ll move on to some features which are close to Easter eggs

Murex Easter eggs – Murex typo

While there are quite a few typos in Murex, here’s an example of a typical one:

– Fx settings: Use of the word Inhibate. Of course if you activate, you can then Inhibate… Not really a word in English but you get the meaning.

Murex Easter eggs – Undocumented feature

I did not test it on more recent Murex versions, but when trying to define Commodity spot indices, the label box would not appear. You can’t save it or anything without populating the non existing box. The solution? Change the index type once the definition box is opened and revert back to spot index. The label box is back!

Murex Easter eggs – And probably the best one

This one was developed on purpose and it is probably the closest thing you can get to an Easter egg (after your omit of course the Hawaian beach feeling from the option series). Anyway, the purpose of that development was to make it easier for people doing comparison testing to know which Murex screen was running a different version.

The problem of that function, it was certainly coded by someone high on LSD or effectively color blind (as such, Murex would be just 50 shades of Grey(Sorry for that one)). The color selected could have been pastel or slightly different, but no, the color mix is what you get from a leprechaun after St Patrick’s night when he partied high on rainbows. Best is to try it for yourself but brace yourself for seizure!

In your session arguments, add /FREAKMODE and start tasting the rainbow!

If you have some pearls to share, please do but in the meantime Happy Easter!!