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How to learn Murex

This is a question I often heard: do Murex provide trainings? Who can teach me Murex or more generally how do I increase my Murex knowledge. So how to learn Murex? Sadly there are not thousand ways and they all involve work!

1- How to learn Murex – Trainings

This one is believed by many to be the silver bullet. Some trainings and the lack of Murex knowledge goes away (would make a nice ad spot). In my opinion, trainings are very limited in the knowledge they bring. They’re great to give a headstart on a completely new domain but they won’t be enough to go into details and built a long lasting knowledge. The other advantage of trainings is that it motivates people showing that you’re investing into them. 2/5

2- How to learn Murex – Workshops

The extension of the first one and the next step. It is much more useful especially when the workshop is done to yield concrete results. The attendees come with a problem/a request to solve and the workshop shows how to attend to it. The number of attendees is then very limited as it must be very hands on. 4/5

3- How to learn Murex –┬áDocumentation

So many people asking for documentation! Unfortunately, the documentation is an assistance once you know what you want/need to do. Without that information in the first place, the documentation will just describe what are the different screens without giving you a real opportunity to play with them. 1/5 (this note does not mean that documentation is not useful, quite the contrary. But its objective is not to teach you how to use Murex but how do some functions work).

4- How to learn Murex – Playing with the system

This one depends a bit on people and how much they know how the business works. Playing with the system when you try┬áto do something along with the documentation and/or someone to bounce questions is probably one of the best way to learn about the system. If you’re brand new to Murex or to a module, it gets much harder to learn about it. 3/5 if new, 5/5 if you know what you need to do.

4- How to learn Murex – Production/Project issues

The best way to learn the system. Limited time, pressure to deliver adds to the stress of learning faster and getting results. Ideally, you can combine this with the one above once things calm down or you have a bit more time. The knowledge you gain this way is a mix of Murex and business and will be long lasting. 5/5


There is no silver bullet to learn about Murex. There is a learning curve, it is quite steep and you can’t learn about it alone. You need access to the system, you need to know what to do with it otherwise it’s a bit like playing with excel and trying out the different menus. So if you want to learn, get involved in issues, projects and work hard solving these. This will help you on the learning curve and take you to the next level!