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Knees deep in the problems

Hurt me plenty

Quite busy at the moment, running low on bullets and might have to revert back to chainsaw soon. We’re reaching a critical stage in the project and not so much time left.

So I’ll update the blog when I can till the project is finished (should not be much longer). Questions and so on should be fine to answer.

And yes, this is quite old school but good memories!

Questions, thoughts, ideas, the mic is yours!

Hello everyone,

I sometimes see comments and remarks but not that many and sometimes I wonder if I go too much into detail or not enough.

Similarly, there might be some stuff you would like me to cover more.

So the mic is yours, feel free to put comment or write directly to me and make requests, share ideas or voice feedback. This site is mainly for all Murex users to find a place where they can exchange ideas and learn more about other parts of the system.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be able to read you guys soon!

Be nice to your support team!

Who is up in the middle of the night, unblocking the EOD because of a trade you incorrectly booked? …. Be nice to your support team!

Who takes care of correcting the report you need so that the shade of blue is exactly the one which matches your tie? ….. Be nice to your support team!

Who is there when the values returned by the system means nothing at all? …. Be nice to your support team!

Who comes to your desk to check the problem you have, which suddenly stops appearing as soon as they look at your screen? ….. Be nice to your support team!

Who basically gets all your problems but barely gets feedback when things go south? …. Be nice to your support team!

And I can go on and on and on. While it is obvious the support team does support, it does not mean that it is an easy job! So be nice to them and next time you stuff up something they won’t make much noise correcting it! 🙂

Slow day — holiday hangover!

Holidays are about to end, and with rain already here, it feels like fall already started.

Next week, I’ll revert back to my 2 posts a week but found this article of an agreement between Murex and Omgeo which happened during the summer.

Article here

This is clearly the trend at the moment to move to cleared trades so I expect quite a few of interfaces/partnerships coming. Very interesting times ahead for the banking industry!

A great potential but not sure how to tap into it

Alright, for once, I’ll do things differently: I’ll come to you for help.

As mentioned before, there is a great tool called job recovery. Very simply, when a batch of feeders fails, you can re-run the batch of feeders on the failed sub-set and again and again, till effectively you narrow it down to 1 trade or 1 group of trades.

This is a massive improvement over the good old, deal scan watching + narrowing it down by filtering more and more.

I found that usually it takes about 7-8 iterations to get to the guilty trades with the first ones taking quite some time but the later ones running in a couple of minutes or so.

What I don’t like about the tool is that it is manual. I need to watch over it for when the recovery tried and failed to re-run it again and again, till I get to the deal number and then can filter it out (if I don’t have time to investigate it further).

So I am trying to solve as to how to automate it. There is no processing script for it, so you’re stuck with XML macros if you want to re-run it again. On top that, you usually click on the job id which is a number that gets incremented everytime. So it would mean a mix of SQL and scripting to produce the right XML macros. And you probably how much I don’t like XML macros so definitely not the best option for me there.

But maybe there is another solution (or something else is coming?) which would make this a breeze. I’ve asked around but never had any answer. My feeling is that it is a tool with great potential but could do with few extras and turn it into gold.

Back to my original request: if anyone found a better way to leverage this to the maximum, I’d be very keen to know how to do it!


What is it like to work for Murex…

Found this little article (google translate will be your friend if you don’t read French): JDN article

And if you then want to look at the actual numbers and the feedback from current and former employees: Glassdoor info

Lost the last hour going through the last one, while representing only the part of people who expresses themselves (usually the unhappy ones), the results are very good.

Summer quizz!

I wish you to be on a nice summery like place, laying in a hammock, feet in the water, holding a nice cold beer with gentle breeze cooling you down. And if you manage to read this with your other hand, you’re a champ!

Time for a summer quizz to see if beer did not kill the good brain cells! Just 5 questions and you can self rate yourself!

  1. Where are the RTBS errors logged to? (well, most errors end up there)
  2. How many simulation viewer assignments are there (only 1 works but there are more than 1)
  3. Name 5 Murex services which can be started from
  4. Which file needs to be edited to add/change the text appearing on top of your session?
  5. What is the name of the functionality which lets a user save the screens he/she had opened?




Answers below, no cheating!



  1. errors.log ! Under logs directory
  2. 3! (enduser-simulation views (layouts?) assignments, configurator-layout assignment, FO Settings- simulation screen assignment, just the last one works!)
  3. Fileserver, XMLserver, murexnet, MXMLexchange, MXSession, monit, MXcontribution, Activityfeeders, Mandatory. Well, if you found 5 they are probably there!
  4. client.xml
  5. screenset. Very handy 🙂

0-1 good answer: Hum, probably that 5th pina colada last night explains this result (I hope!)

2-3 good answers: Not too bad, it’s holidays, keep relaxing

4-5 good answers: you’re a machine! Well done!