Friday funny story

Working with financial markets means often stress and pressure to deliver under a short timeframe.

So trying to push some of the stories I’ve livedĀ (hopefully funny for you too) to lighten the mood just before the weekend.

This story happened while working on a project. The character here is a brilliant person, very smart and quick to understand but even the best sometimes have their weaknesses.

So I get a call from that person asking me what happens when the trade number ID gets above 10,000 and given that the size of the field is 10 digits. So my first answer is 10,001 but I suspected that there was some confusion between 10 digits and 10 times 1,000. Anyway the person hangs up and 20 minutes later I get a call that the project is threatened.

Had to get there and explain everything even if I felt bad that a simple misthinking snowballed into something bigger. Anyway, better to laugh about it now!