Having fun with the system

For a lighter mood this Friday, let’s talk about the ways to have fun with the system. Murex is a complex system, not always easy to configure or to get familiar with.

But who says complex system also says lots of places to put this funny little touch that will bring a smile when spotted.

Here are a few I’ve encountered:

  • Classic but always good: the funny comment in code (pretrade or stored procedure for example). One of the best, was /* Added to please Ms Princess while it serves no purpose */ Had to tell that person that this code was going to prod and taking it off would probably be a good idea
  • UDF consistency rules messages: “Why did you forget to enter XXX” (this was when entering bonds). I could tell the person who wrote that bit must have been so frustrated that they had to vent some anger into the message. Had a smile on that one building back the story
  • Name of views and filters. One of my ex-colleagues was always putting insults into his filter labels (and normally was deleting them after use). Well, let’s say that some DBs still have these words on few places
  • Description fields. I have to admit that this one is best used on static data that only support people have accessed to, not everyone might agree on that one!
  • Documentation and label of objects used. Remembered that bond called NOTABOND, classic but gold 🙂

Did you encounter some too? Did you put some yourselves (voluntarily or not)?

Have a good weekend!